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 Yep, I'm going on vacation again... xD

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PostSubject: Yep, I'm going on vacation again... xD   Sat 25 Aug 2007, 3:44 am

Tomorrow or Sunday I'm going to Washington DC for a day or so, then I'm most likely going to my uncle's (yeah, again) for a few days, so I'll be gone for 3-5 days.

*Thinks* OMG NOOOOOO!!!!!!! jail *cough* school starts in 10 days!!!! Sad Man... I'm going into 9th grade, too... so new school too, a school thats like 5x bigger... and I'll only know like 1/3 of the people, and even less of them are my friends... this is gonna completely blow...

Wow... I type "..." after like all of my sentences...


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Yep, I'm going on vacation again... xD
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