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 Forms For GFX

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PostSubject: Forms For GFX   Forms For GFX Icon_minitimeThu 12 Jul 2007, 3:58 pm

Here is a post that will display the form for ordering:

SigPics and Avatars:
NOTE: If you would like me to go freestyle and do whatever I want, then put in FREESTYLE FOR (insert name here). thanx.

Size: Please supply what size you would like. Most people put 400*105 or around there. Thats what I use, but please note if you want it different.
NOTE: This is in pxl. form not inches, please be aware of that.

Color(s): Please put in the colors you would like here. (3 color maximum, please fill in "multicolored" if you would like it to be random colors all over the place)

Render: For those of you who don't know what this is, this is a picture that I use to put in the SigPic. If you would like to make my life easier and you would like to get your order done faster then please find a render already. I CAN find renders but it will be hard and it might not be what you want.

Style: For here please put your style (ex: grunge, vector, retro, underwater, etc.)

Border: Most people want a 1 pxl. black border. Thats standard, but if you would like a different one, please note of that here.

Received: Would you like me to PM it to you or post it here?

Text: For this please just put whatever text you want, dont make it SUPER long but most people put their username. I will pick text color and font.

And For Avatars its really the same thing. I CANNOT DO ROUNDED BORDERS.
Render Cuts:

Pic To Cut Out: duh...
File Type: .png or .jpeg
And there you go!

My GFX Shop Photoshop Help Guide To Life
I will be gone from July 27th until August 4th!
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Forms For GFX
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