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 Intro and Examples

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Grafix Rider
Grafix Rider

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PostSubject: Intro and Examples   Thu 12 Jul 2007, 3:17 pm

Hey everyone, I'm SillyRabbit (SR as ppl like 2 call me) and I was just appointed gfx rider here. many of u no me from IRTL and have seen my work. i ahve gotten many comments on how good my sigs are and nopw i get to put my skill 2 the test. So order up some sigs or avatars or render cuts. I don't ahve many render cut examples nor avvys, but here are my sigpic examples.

Well, there you have it, GFX by SR.


My GFX Shop Photoshop Help Guide To Life
I will be gone from July 27th until August 4th!
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Intro and Examples
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