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 Intro and Examples

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Grafix Rider

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Intro and Examples Empty
PostSubject: Intro and Examples   Intro and Examples Icon_minitimeThu 12 Jul 2007, 3:17 pm

Hey everyone, I'm SillyRabbit (SR as ppl like 2 call me) and I was just appointed gfx rider here. many of u no me from IRTL and have seen my work. i ahve gotten many comments on how good my sigs are and nopw i get to put my skill 2 the test. So order up some sigs or avatars or render cuts. I don't ahve many render cut examples nor avvys, but here are my sigpic examples.

Intro and Examples 4kbe79t

Intro and Examples 4l3zvah

Intro and Examples 6b4kleb

Intro and Examples 4uy22ra

Intro and Examples 6cxevtl

Intro and Examples 5yhn2h2

Well, there you have it, GFX by SR.


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I will be gone from July 27th until August 4th!
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Intro and Examples
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